• Defiant Child
  • ADHD
  • Child has behavioral tantrums
  • Parent feels they have no control
  • Child is aggressive


  • Improved compliance to authority figures
  • Better control of behavior
  • Less tantrums
  • Less aggression
  • Improved relationship between parent and child

PCIT is an evidence-based intervention used to teach the parent effective skills to improve a child’s negative behavior and improve the relationship between parent and child. The intervention takes place in a clinical setting although it can be generalized to the home on a case by case basis.  Both parent and child are present during the session.  Sessions are held weekly for one hour. Homework assignment is given between sessions, so the parent can practice the learned skills outside of session. The clinician observes the parent and child through an observation mirror. The parent and the clinician both wear headsets while the clinician “coaches” the parent during play with their child in the play room.  The intervention is divided into 2 phases.  The first is Child-Directed Interaction where the parent is taught to let the child lead the play while the parent implements the skills taught by the clinician. The second phase is the Parent-Directed Interaction where the child no longer leads the play and they must follow the commands of the parent.  There is a Time-Out Procedure that will be implemented if the child does not comply to the simple commands from the parent.  This intervention is guaranteed to improve the child’s behavior and the relationship of the parent and child if there is commitment and consistency.

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